Our current projects

Our projects are all about solving problems for the Ummah. We believe in using digital technology for the benefit of Islam and are working on innovative digital applications, websites, e-books, animations, videos, infographics and many other online platforms and products for Muslims across the globe.

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Take a look at some of the issues we are working to solve.

Islamic Education

Kids these days are born with technology in their hands. The are exposed to various forms of media from a young age. How does this affect how they learn about Islam?

The Challenge

Imagine a future where our children are enthralled by tales of the Sahabah and Islamic History, imagine a world where they can learn about the true values of Islam in a way that is exciting and interesting. We want the new generation of young Muslims to learn about Islam in a modern, fun and engaging way. How do we achieve this? With your help!


  • Create fun and engaging Islamic materials for young children
  • Use beautifully illustrated, high quality artwork
  • Create digital platforms to share these materials with the Ummah
  • Get feedback about our work and how it can be improved


Millions of Muslims around the world struggle to access educational materials that are Islamic and in their own language. We are working to create digital platforms to help them solve this problem.

The Challenge

Millions of Muslims around the world find themselves in the difficult position of not having an Islamic school, teacher, madressa or masjid nearby. They have a thirst for knowledge about Islam but are unable to find high quality materials that they can access in their own languages. We want to help reach Muslims everywhere who need a supportive place to learn about all things Islamic.


  • Create a digital platform that is accessible to Muslims around the world
  • Create high quality Islamic materials that is easy to understand
  • Translate our materials into many languages
  • Create a supportive digital environment where Muslims can come together to learn about Islam

Fun & Games for the Youth

As parents, many of us are aware of the dangers our children face with overexposure to unIslamic media. We want to create a world where there are Islamic ways for the youth to connect and be entertained without putting themselves in danger.

The Challenge

Some of the biggest challenges we face as an Ummah are the wide array of vices and influences out there today. The youth are especially vulnerable because of their exposure to new technology and a lack of entertainment that is halaal. We want to explore ways of creating Islamic games that are a fun alternative to what is available.


  • Understand young Muslims
  • Create mobile and computer games that are beautiful, well designed and engaging
  • Create a robust, high quality platform for Islamic gaming


We are constantly looking for new ways to help other Muslims in need. Do you have ideas on how we can reach out to Muslims around the world?

The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges we face as an Ummah is access to authentic, reliable information about Islam that is accessible to the people who need it.


  • Reach millions of Muslims around the globe with dawah efforts
  • Make the content accessible and easily understandable to those who need to use it
  • Help us bring together like minded individuals who want to work on dawah projects
  • Create a community of digital helpers who want to work together for the sake of Allah doing dawah