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About ZADGroup

ZADGroup is a unique software and development company that helps businesses create niche solutions for the Islamic market.  Our team of experts come from all parts of the world to work together for the cause of Islam. With over 21 years of experience, we have developed Islamic solutions in the form of applications, websites, media and television broadcasts as well as marketing campaigns that reach millions of Muslims around the globe on a daily basis. Our teams use a variety of methodologies to manage our client solutions and this means getting the flexibility you need when developing the right solution for your business. We rapidly design, implement and deploy software solutions that add value to your business as well as for the Muslims it serves.

Work for Islam

We want you to join us too. The work for Islam project is one of the latest initiatives that we are working on to bring the best digital products to Muslims around the globe. We offer a variety of services to companies that are committed to creating the best products for Muslims and we are constantly looking for new ways of working together and helping others. 

We have numerous teams dedicated to helping businesses get the support they need. We can help you with:

  • Application design and development
  • Market research for global Muslim populations
  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Product development consulting
  • Innovation & Bespoke Islamic solutions
  • Shariah compliance and assessment of your product

Work with us

We are committed to working together with like-minded individuals to create progressive, easy-to-use, relevant and authentic solutions that benefit the Ummah. We want to help create the best Islamic products on the planet and whether you have an idea, a budget or the skills to make a positive difference, and work for Islam, contact us and we can decide on the best way forward.  

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